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DRAW Inc Proudly Presents "Feeling Blue (and Other Colors)"

DRAW Inc is honored to present 'Feeling Blue (and Other Colors)'. Come enjoy a display of paintings, prints, and mixed media art from local artists Anne Fudyma and Abigail Mitchell. These artists deal with identity and solitude in abstract and figurative modes, using color and form to articulate their ideas.

Anne Fudyma

Bio: Anne Fudyma’s work revolves around the concept and experience of time. She considers her work to be strongly process-oriented and based in time. While painting, her previous marks interact with her new marks. They overlap, avoid, join together and create an abstract vocabulary expressing how our past selves interact with our present and future selves. Her work can be described as maps of existence. Within this method, Fudyma’s work explores themes of linear and circular time, existential musings, identity, inter-connectedness, synchronicity, cycles, the mundane, processing of emotions, perception and the act of living. The abstract vocabulary present in the paintings force the eye to constantly move around, mimicking the abstract and ever changing concepts of existence. Fudyma’s work is both ethereal and hectic, sparse and crowded, up and down. It investigates the paradoxes of life and explores the ebb and flow of energy. It is the embodiment of time, our interconnectedness and the experience of existing. Anne Fudyma was born in New York City in 1993. She is currently living and practicing art in Salt Lake City, Utah. She received a BFA in Art Practices from Portland State University in 2016. Her work has been shown at C’etait, Poor Yorick Studios, The Town Club and D.R.A.W Inc. in Salt Lake City as well as The Littman Gallery, Sugar Cube and Garage Projects in Portland, Oregon. Her work has been published in artExpo, Pathos, Thalia Magazine and SLUG Magazine.

Abigail Mitchell

Bio: ARTIST BIO Abigail Mitchell was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She became interested in art when she was very young and began oil painting at the age of ten. Mitchell received her BFA from the University of Utah and works as a professional artist in the Salt Lake region. She uses a variety of mediums but finds her true focuses to be in the areas of acrylic figurative painting and screen printing, typically dealing with themes of femininity and isolation. ARTIST STATEMENT My work focuses on the figure, particularly the way those I am close to tend to exist in their own bodies and homes. The peers in my life are filled with complexities and contradictions, the sum of which makes them who they are. My portraits seek to honor such dichotomies that exist between melancholy and whimsy, isolation and intimacy, and comfort and unrest. Painting with vibrant, crisp color has always been a part of my aesthetic. I find color and mark to be just as important as the subject itself. The bright color in my work highlights the playful nature of the transitional stage of life that all twenty-somethings experience while the cool undertone of my models explores their underlying despondence. I attempt to capture all the subtlety that exists in the form and expression of my models so that the viewer is able to perceive the models’ true complexity.
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