Board and Staff

Meghan Greer

Board Of Directors / Vice Chair & Treasurer

Lisa Greenhalgh

Board Of Directors / Gallery Director & Exhibit Curator

Stephanie Hillman

Board Of Directors

Michael Christensen

Board Of Directors

Melissa Fullmer

Board Of Directors / Chair & Executive Director

Trevor Gordon

Board Of Directors / Secretary

Arts Manager & Instructor

Kassiah Waddell

Our Arts Manager and leading lady Kassiah has a Arts Degree from ISU. She is extremely talented AND a great leader. Two things that prove difficult to find in the same package! Already having a knack for what her future role might be with DRAW Inc, she created, lead and implemented a Fine Arts Club in Idaho prior to getting her degree.

Operations, Development & Advisory - Event Volunteer

Nathen Fullmer

Nathen has been invaluable for his expertise in management, operations and for putting on whatever hat that we need worn on any given occasion. Nate has done everything from creating content videos, marketing campaign posters, editing, instructing, process management to running to the store to get dixie cups and grabbing lunch for our volunteers at events.

Art Instructor & Event Volunteer

Janna Bateman

The arts have been Janna's passion since she was a child. She is currently a Art Teacher at Endeavor Hall Charter School in West Valley, a student favorite and has been a huge support and advisor to DRAW Inc through it's development. Rallying as much community support and even donating her time to fundraising events and ongoing classes. Janna started our monthly smART Class Series in September 2016. This public class mixes art principles with conventional ed making for an educational AND engaging art class!

Art Instructor & Event Volunteer

Sydney Porter

Sydney is a Fine Arts major that we at DRAW Inc feel fortunate to have found through the Fine Arts Teaching Program at the University Of Utah. She is talented in many media including - drawing, painting, theater and music. She has an impeccable and rare relationship with her community. Which is shown through her continued outreach and involvement with several nonprofit programs in the Salt Lake Valley.