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DRAW Inc Art Gallery Presents Root & Marrow

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Our theme is purely aesthetic. To unite the otherwise disparate work of three artists from different artistic backgrounds, we utilized three aesthetic constraints to create a cohesive body of work. We determined our palette, the size of our artwork, and to focus on repetition as a principle of design. In this way, our work is unified while maintaining the independence of imagery. Like branches of a tree, our roots share common ground; though following separate paths outward, our marrow sustains.

Hank Mattson

Hank Mattson

My paintings are a call to adventure and risk. Fall headlong into narrow tunnels, say yes without hesitation, continue with only your feet to guide you, beat death by living with a full and courageous heart. For me, creating every day is my greatest risk and scariest adventure. Pen to paper or hammer to nail, I trust my gut and hope, in fact, that not all goes to plan. I prefer to run in the dark in spite of the stumbles that lurk.
Alexis Rose

Alexis Rose

Alexis Rose is a Salt Lake City based artist with a passion for the outdoors and living sustainably. She has studied Printmaking and Biology at the University of Utah, and continues her education in the realm of Graphic Design. Paper continues to be a favorite medium for its incredible flexibility, strength and familiarity. "My work resembles the complex organic forms found in nature, be it coral, plants, mycelium, the sky, anything and everything is inspirational. I am ruthless in my tenacity to create work that humors and delights, I feel that enough of fine art is serious- art should invite joy and make you curious"

Natalie Allsup-Edwards

The artist and creative entrepreneur in SLC originally from Austin, TX. In addition to oil painting and linoleum block printing, she Natalie has two small art-related businesses-- the Hand Drawn Photo Booth and the Local Artist Sticker Machine. She spends her days drawing portraits in the pretend photo booth, curating art submissions to be produced and sold in the Local Artist Sticker Machines, playing with paints and other art materials, and on some special days welding bits of metal. Her passion in art lies in experimentation, invention, and finding ways to make art sharable.
Exhibitions and shows are changed out with new work on a monthly basis. We invite you to view Utah artists work at DRAW Inc's Nonprofit 501c3 Art Gallery. Our artists are not only talented but they are supporters of DRAW Inc's community outreach programs which serve Utah's disadvantaged and underserved through arts education.