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DRAW Inc Proudly Presents "Luminous Expressions"

DRAW Inc is honored to present this show in Salt Lake City. Presenting Luminous Expressions, new work by Miriam Tribe and Olu Shoaga. This exhibition highlights the works of two mixed media artists from different backgrounds working to create abstract works, as well as unique portraits and collage landscapes.

Olu Shoaga

Bio: Olu is a multi faceted artist with 25 years experience, who's mediums include collage, multimedia and painting. He graduated from the Federal College Of Education where he majored in Fine & Applied Arts Olu was born in Abeokuta, an ancient city located in the western part of Nigeria. He is the only male child in a family of five and the proud son of one of the pioneer photographers in Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria. He was an Art Teacher in Nigeria until 2016 when he immigrated to the United States in furtherance of his life's experiences in harmony with one of the laws of creation called the law of motion. Artist Statement: My name is Olumide Shoaga (The Mighty One) as he fondly called back in Nigeria. I am known as a versatile artist, including multimedia with a great dexterity in collage and painting with outstanding visual expression. I worked to unveil my rich cultural African background and my passion for art is extraordinaire with a resillent spirit to push artistic prowess beyond "just for art sake" but art that is impactful thought provoking with solutions many of the societal problems. I am the opitome of a true artist. I live for the art and can turn any object into a masterpiece of art. The viewer will notice my art pieces the strand of struggle of a man yearning for visual freedom of expression. I have come a long way to make a statement as an astonishing lover of environment which is evident in my environmental friendly art works. I can turn waste into art and my artist media is not limited to the traditional medium of expression.My style of expression has always been Beauty in nature, female anatomy and serenity. I am an African prince who is not afraid to break new barriers, have always been dazzling and I am not stopping now!
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Miriam Tribe

Bio: Miriam Tribe is a mixed-media artist currently living and working with her four children and husband in a quirky mid-century home in the Salt Lake Valley. Although she thoroughly enjoyed earning her degree in English from BYU, she's slowly inched her way towards art by way of sewing and textile-design. She takes joy in the auto-didactic approach, and loves to learn and play with new mediums and combine the several she's come to love. Artist statement : I am currently working in line-drawing and printmaking. This one-line series has challenged and pushed my ideas of space, proportion, structure, and flow, and I have loved discovering the intrigue of imbalance in the pursuit of expression. The continuous thread through my varied work has always been a strong modern asthetic of earthy colors, abstract shapes or themes, and rich textures.
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