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Tamia Wardle

My love for linoleum block printmaking started when an art teacher introduced me to it when I was a teenager. I fell in love with the technique. I swore that someday I would explore this medium full time. Thirty+ years later, I decided to devote my artistic journey to linoleum block printing. I am a printmaker inspired by my roots in illustration and graphic design. With a design degree from the University of Utah, I have been working in the graphic design field for the past 28 years. I just recently began my journey as a printmaker and an artist creating art simply for the joy of it.

Nathanael Read - High Spiritual Melancholy

My art practice examines the journey of humans experiencing the tension between the sacred and the profane. I explore this tension through a variety of social and personal iconography. The social iconography, such as halos, map symbols, and gold leaf, provide entry points for to act as landmarks for the viewer’s understanding. The act of bringing photographic elements into a printmaking process that began five hundred years ago, then hybridizing them with traditional mark making illustrates the balancing act of modern secularist thought and traditional spiritual belief. The personal iconography represents the events, ideas, and perspectives influencing my spiritual identity. There remains a limited capacity to communicate between individuals the nuances of the sacred. The ambiguity of the personal symbols indicates this limited capacity of the communication between myself and viewer. I depict my own inadequacy at comprehending the complexity of others and the divine in the voyeuristic perspectives of vulnerable backs.

Dane Goodwin

Artist Statement: I am fascinated by the tug-of-war between the readily apparent and the hidden meaning, the conflict between what is acceptable to show and what we are forced to conceal. These are human problems that exist on a societal level as well as within each individual. Through my art practice, I want people to confront the feelings and ideas that they so often are told to hide, and to question the world around them. My characters are autobiographical; documenting the way in which i find myself interacting with the visible and hidden world. They are tentative, confident and unique. They are meant to be instantly relatable on an emotional level, and yet strangely estranging; curiously familiar, but obviously unknown.

Andy Joy Chase

I got my BFA at Weber State University with an emphasis in printmaking and painting in 2008. I live in Salt Lake City and work at Signed & Numbered and Red Butte Garden. My inspirations are nature, vintage items and love of the wild west. If you want to know more about me, please check out this interview.
Carl Carbonell

Carl Carbonell

I have worked very hard to be sure that I am doing good work for good people, and am proud to claim to be producing work with passion and joy. I believe that our joy, as humans, can and should be shared with one another as often as possible, through any medium we can wrap our scrappy, calloused fingers around.
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