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DRAW Inc Proudly Presents "Building Blocks: Arts & Letters"

DRAW Inc is honored to present this show in Salt Lake City. Journaling and art meet in a beautiful and shocking series that discusses & showcases the works of youth homelessness in SLC alongside featured artists Josie White, Emily Larsen & Scott Beadles.
Scott Beadles

Scott Beadles

A contemporary photographer/artist inspired by the surrealist painters and photographers drawing on the latent language of the unconscious and the engagement with dreams. Photo collage In a sentimental mood, this is me reflecting. An elegy to the dreams I cannot photograph. Impulses lost in time. Notes on the intangible incidents that do not exist and people I have never known. Who are they? And who am I to them? These sequences are approximations of dreams and this is me arresting the transient images of my mind. The tragedy of documentation exists as I cannot actually photograph a dream. The dreams themselves are subject to the influence of environmental stimuli, and I can only approximate and reengineer, utilizing the images, text, and artifacts of my surroundings.

Josie White

Josie White is a Salt Lake City, Utah based multimedia artist. Josie believes that self portraits are an important storytelling tool that show insight into both personal and public life. Using combined methods of collage, painting, and photography, Josie explores stigmatized topics like female sexuality and mental illness. Josie hopes that her art will encourage spectators to think critically about the world around them and the complex intertwining relationship between spoken and unspoken stigma. My artwork takes a critical view of society's attitudes toward stigmatized issues like mental illness and female sexuality through the use of multimedia self portraits. I use images of myself as a tool to demonstrate the assumptions projected onto female-identifying persons and persons dealing with mental illness. I am constantly assessing imagery around me to seek out my next project with inspiration most frequently coming from lived experience.

Emily Larsen Boothe

Utah based curator and collage artist. She currently works as the assistant curator and collections manager at the Springville Museum of Art. She is passionate about Utah's art history and loves working with local Utah artists. As an artist, Emily enjoys combining found images, paint and ink to create whimsical and humorous mixed media collages that aim to capture and comment on the universal human experience. Working in layers and patterns, she builds up and then deconstructs paint, paper and texture to create her narrative mixed media works.
Exhibitions and shows are changed out with new work or rotated on a monthly basis. We invite you to view Utah artists work at DRAW Inc's Nonprofit 501c3 Art Gallery. Our artists are not only talented but they are supporters of DRAW Inc's community outreach programs which serve Utah's disadvantaged and underserved through arts education.